Member Spotlight: Director of Media at CrossFit St Clair Susie Katilius



It takes a truly selfless person to stand behind the camera instead of in front of it, constantly capturing everyone else’s moments.  These moments are proudly displayed on the CFSC website where you can see the strength of our crossfit community.  Along with the photographs and videos are coach bios, member spotlights, and testimonials; all written and organized by someone whose humor and creativity has provided a window to the soul of CFSC.  It’s time to put her in the spotlight – meet Susie Katilius.  She has worked hard to build the CFSC website from scratch in her spare time; time she miraculously finds between traveling and training for Sephora, teaching Body Combat, getting a WOD in, and spending time with her husband, Trevor.  Susie is one of those women that make you ask, “How does she do it?”  While there is only one person lucky enough to be her, we are all lucky enough to have her in our lives.  Her hard work and dedication has given her a new opportunity at Sephora, one that is taking her all the way to San Francisco.  Susie may be leaving us, but she has left her mark on CFSC and will always be a member of our family.  So if you see Susie before she embarks on her journey, say hi, but also give her a big hug too because it may be a while before you’ll see her…laying on the floor in front of you…with a camera…while you suffer through burpees.


Thank you to all the coaches who were more than willing to share with us the impact Susie has made on CFSC.



1. When you think of Susie, what’s the first word that comes to mind?




“Riot.  She will be the athlete dancing to any Music “pre WOD” (don’t play RATM), the athlete scaling DUs with Jump tucks (but really those Jump Tucks are crazy Knee Slaps, we thought we saw blood once).  She may even be the grinch who shows up 10 minutes after class starts and you know she didn’t get coffee yet.  Truthfully, she is the type of athlete every coach wants in class.  She listens, is interested, thirsty for improvement, and complimentary of any help she receives.”




“Star Wars and make-up lol.”


“Susie makes comfy look glamorous.”


“Selfless & dedicated…sorry I had to put two :p”




2. What’s your favorite memory of Susie?


“I don't have one specific memory that I can share. When I think of Susie, I think of her at the gym with her hat on backwards, rapping along with whatever song is on, and flicking her hands to accentuate whatever the lyrics are. That's my memory of Susie.”


“Favorite Memory is when Spang shot Susie with his water bottle.  Susie wasn’t pleased but had a perfect response.”


“I remember when she came in and was real nervous about doing crossfit and was like I don't know if I can handle this type of workout but when she did it she was Great and so enthusiastic that she just filled the room with happiness and excitement to get better and have fun doing it.”


“It can’t be one thing…to me it’s a combination of all that she brought to CFSC.  Positivity, kindness, smiles, great ideas…and it never stopped.  She was always working on something else…something new and improved for the gym and its members.”


“While working out in the crossfit room she was carrying a large Starbucks Coffee cup and taking swigs in between rounds, love it!”


“Just seeing her work her butt of in the gym. She is ALWAYS striving to be the best she can be and it’s inspiring. She is hard working, dedicated, and does not take short cuts to get to where she wants to go.”



3. How has Susie changed CFSC?


“She has changed it in so many ways for the better... Just her presence in class makes the place more fun. Susie is one of those people that makes you smile when she's there. What she has done with our website and social media "personality" honestly deserves an award. Everything she did was so top notch and professionally done. I always felt a sense of security k owing that part of the gym and its responsibilities were in her hands. I never had to worry about it. Susie is one of those people you know will never let you down. I always had a vision for this place and what it should be, the only way it was ever going to get there was if the right people were here to give it its identity. So if there is one thing I can say that Susie did to change CFSC, she gave it an identity.”


“Susie has really glued the community together.  She has ran with these member spotlights.  I feel like these have helped people not only get to know each other, but also provided something that our athletes look forward to reading and being a part of.  She has given so much time an effort to CFSC and provided burritos from Chipotle.”

“Her attitude, and willingness to learn and promote us to get better to be different than everyone else.”

“Without a doubt she made it a better place…both the appearance (website etc), but also a fun place to hang out.  I mean some of the best memories aren’t even when everyone was working out.  It was a chat at the counter or on the benches…a party…etc.”

“Susie has done a wonderful job with the website and keeping people informed. She is fantastic at editing and making videos (making everybody look great!) I love reading the spot light interviews to find out more about St. Clair members but also for the introductions Susie gives about people. She will be missed!”

“I can’t even begin to explain how she has helped shape our community into what it is today. She has found so many new ways to bring us all together and create the awesome environment we have at CFSC. She has had such a positive impact on the gym; Susie has gone above and beyond time after time to bring us together with events, marketing, website changes, and overall gym organization.”

4. What are you going to miss most about Susie?

“Her friendship and her husband.”

“I’m going to miss her enthusiasm for getting better and the excitement she brings to every class. As a coach, I’ll also miss when she controls the music from her apple watch.”

“I will miss her and her bright spirit, and overwhelmingly different but awesome way of doing things for us to make us a better family And different from all the crossfits around us.”

“Her genius husband, and the fact that we are losing happy Susie...because now we are left with grumpy Susie :)”

“Susie has the ability to make everybody feel comfortable and welcome. She is wacky, funny, caring and truly a wonderful person with a huge heart. I may not understand everything she is talking about (I'm sure she has the same issue with me) but she makes me laugh. Susie is always willing to help out if she can and puts others needs before her own. Susie is truly a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day :)”

“Her bubbly, fun personality. There’s never a dull moment when she is around. She will always put a smile on your face and make your day a little brighter no matter what. Even if she is having a less than stellar day herself.”