Member Spotlight: Dave Sebastian



We're back! Today we are going to showcase an individual who we found on POWL island one morning, completely lost in life, with a pair of dumbbells in his hands and the weights didn't even match. He was summoned to the dark side, still wet behind the ears with raw talent, that has since been honed into a fierce weapon of chipper smashing dominance. The only individual to finish the 4 rounds of row/run row/run of a few weeks ago with the 12 minute time cap. He comes from paper country and he loves his dog 😂😂. His name is Dave Sebastian or Seabass to us at CFSC. Cheers!



1.  Hey there!  Where are you from?

I'm from Locust Gap, Pa, population of maybe 1000 so I don't expect anyone to know where that is. It's about an hour North of Harrisburg.


2.  What do you do for a living?

I'm a land surveyor.


3.  How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I've been doing Crossfit for just over a year now.




4.  Tell us about your athletic history…

I played baseball, football and ran track in high school. In college I played football until a shoulder injury then played lacrosse.


5.  What brought you to CrossFit St. Clair?

I was a member of POWL and asked Josh what this Crossfit stuff was all about one day and he let me try it for a week, obviously still haven't stopped.


6.  What are you currently working on in the gym?  (Strength/PR/Endurance, anything!)

Butterfly pull-ups and ring muscle ups, it's getting frustrating.




7.  Favorite food?  

Cheesesteaks, pizza, wings, ice cream


8.  Favorite movie?

I really like Rocky movies (1-4), The Town, Lord of the Rings. I don't have a particular genre.


9.  Favorite book?

I do my best to avoid reading


10.  Favorite music to work out to?

Probably rock while lifting heavy and rap while running or doing a miserable long workout.


11.  When you aren’t working or working out, where can we find you?

Golfing, hunting, or hopefully just relaxing at home.




12.  How has CrossFit changed you?

Two years ago at Christmas I had a picture taken with my wife and when I saw what I looked like, I wasn't impressed to say the least. I weighed close to 230 pounds and I do not carry weight very well. That's when I started to seriously start working out, or so I thought. I would come to the gym and lift weights but struggled to get myself to do cardio. Crossfit forces me to do the exercises I don't really enjoy doing and having people doing them at the same time makes it more enjoyable and adds the competition to it. I now weigh 200 pounds and find coming to the gym enjoyable.




13.  What do you love most about CrossFit St. Clair?

I really like the people here, I know that's what everyone says, but everyone is always willing to go out of their way to help or offer advice. 


14.  What 3 words would people use to describe you?

Hopefully nice, caring and funny? 


15.  Any mantra, favorite quote, or words to live by?

Don't wait, go get it