Member Spotlight: Jessica Quinn

It’s that time of the week again. If you don’t know what we’re talking about you should probably crawl back underneath that rock, get a few more years of sleep, shave your head and then come back to the party. Buckle up Baby, put the kids to bed, unplug your electric blanket, take off your knee sleeves, and get the pole out of the crawl space because it’s time for another Membo Spotlo!!! She is an interesting creature as you are about to find out , she loves movies, sucks at sports, but is awesome at life. She never misses a movie quote or Seinfeld reference, keeps her boyfriend tucked safely away in another state, and knows a lot about shark week. Her name is Jess Quinn and you’ll never see her without a smile on her face. AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

1. Where are you from?

Born and raised in Steubenville, OH. Many people in Pittsburgh might know it as the Burb of the Burgh lol. 


2.  What do you do for a living?

I work full time as a Registered Dietitian for a company that focuses on keeping the elderly living in the community for as long as possible. I also work part time at Chelsea Collective, which is an all-women’s fitness boutique at Ross Park Mall. 


3.  How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I have been doing CrossFit for about 2 and half years. 



4.  Tell us about your athletic history…

Not very much to tell…In elementary school I played soccer, more or less just tried to avoid the ball so I wouldn’t have to run around as much! I then played basketball for about 3 years in middle school (if you would like to know how good I was, I can tell you that I scored maybe once during the whole 3 years…and it was in the other teams basket). After that stint I decided to throw in the towel with athletics and focus more on baton twirling; I’ve been twirling since the 6th grade and was a majorette in high school. 



5.  What brought you to CrossFit St. Clair?

I was a transfer after my other box closed, like many people at our gym, but it couldn’t have worked out any better! 


6.  What are you currently working on in the gym?  

  Currently I am just working on getting back into the swing of things. I had taken a lot of time off after an injury and am finally feeling back to normal! I’m not planning on hitting any PR’s any time soon, just focusing on getting my strength and endurance back. I’m also training to run my second half marathon.


7.  Favorite food?  

Hands down Mexican food would be my all-time favorite, but honestly I really have zero food dislikes. I enjoy food so much I’ve made a career out of it! I am definitely an inner fat kid at heart, and I have a huge sweet tooth (although I don’t always satisfy it☹)



8.  Favorite movie?

Big move buff, and I like a wide variety of films. Rocky is a definite favorite (except Rocky 5, I don’t even acknowledge that that movie exists), Star Wars, Bridesmaids, Wedding Crashers, The Departed, anything Disney (Lion King and Mulan are my favs…and Mulan is the best Disney princess although she isn’t a princess but never gets recognized…she saved China for goodness sake!), Labyrinth, 13 going on 30, Crazy Stupid Love, Indiana Jones series, Princess Bride, 16 Candles, anything with Tom Hardy, The Rock, Denzel Washington, or Christian Bale…I could go on and on…however I don’t particularly enjoy scary movies, I’m a big baby. 



9.  Favorite book?

Does Goosebumps count?? Lol…I hate this question, I feel I should have some really intriguing answer that makes me sound very studious and interesting…but the truth is I hate reading! Lol…my reading history consists of Goosebumps and Harry Potter books (and once those got crazy thick I just waited for the movies to come out) and any required readings from high school to college. I do enjoy reading nutrition articles and I actually am currently reading Mindy Kalings book “Why not Me?”, but that pretty much sums that up!  



10.  Favorite music to work out to? Anything loud enough that can mask the sound of my heavy breathing during a WOD; I enjoy rock music during a WOD, or even throw in some 90’s boy bands and I would be happy. While running, I listen to upbeat songs, rap, pop, and ultimately Rocky IV sound track.

11.  When you aren’t working or working out, where can we find you?

That’s hard to answer because I work… a lot! But on the off chance I have some down time you might find me binge watching a show on Hulu or Netflix, hanging out with friends and family, traveling to North Carolina where my boyfriend lives, or indulging in one of my favorite past times…napping lol 


12.  How has CrossFit changed you?

CrossFit has changed me in so many ways, mentally and physically. It has not only made me physically stronger, but mentally stronger and more determined. In high school and college I only worked out to lose weight or be “skinny”, and that was probably what initially drew me to CrossFit, but I continue to do CrossFit because it is so much more than that. I have never been more confident in my life, than I am with doing CrossFit. There is just something about being able to lift heavy weight over your head that makes you think you can do anything! Very thankful for fellow CrossFit St. Clair member Dana Kennedy for forcing me to take my first basics class lol. 


13.  What do you love most about CrossFit St. Clair?

The people and the programming! Everyone at St. Clair was so welcoming when I first started there and they truly are amazing people! I have made some very good friends through CrossFit and enjoy meeting more people as St. Clair continues to grow. Also the programming is on point! Although I’m out of shape right now after taking time off, I am still in better shape than I was 5 years ago, or ever, and that is a direct result of the programming at CrossFit St. Clair!





14.  What 3 words would people use to describe you? 

Not to veer from the question, but for those of you who don’t know me, know that I have the complete series of Seinfeld memorized by heart. Therefore, I would have to say adjective #1 to describe me would be breathtaking. (If you don’t get that Seinfeld reference, just ask me!)

But in all seriousness, I would say 3 words people might use to describe me would be independent, caring, and funny.



15.  Any mantra, favorite quote, or words to live by?

 “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person” -Audrey Hepburn

I love to laugh…plain and simple!