1st Annual St Clair Strong Man Competition

This is a powerlifting meet for fun, bragging rights, and ultimately to benefit veterans through Team RWB, who's mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity. Register here  http://www.eventbrite.com/o/st-clair-fitness-11137569036

Where- St Clair Fitness 1341 McLaughlin Run Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15241

When- Saturday November 19th, at 8:00 AM (weigh in's at 7:00 AM)

Weight Classes:

Male- 165lbs and below, 166-200lbs, 200lbs and above

Female- 132lbs and below, 133-165lbs, 166lbs and above

Age category- None

Lifts: Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift, and Power Clean

Rules- "raw" which means the only gear allowed will be wrist wraps, knee sleeves and weight belts.

Bench Press- "Pause" meaning you must pause with the weight at your chest until the judge signals you that is is ok to start the press, press ends with elbows locked out for rep to count. Feet must stay in contact with the ground, butt and shoulder blades must be in contact with the bench at all times.

Back Squat- Flat shoes. Your hip must go below your knee joint (below 90 degrees) and then stand upright with knees locked out for rep to count.

Deadlift- Flat shoes. Socks that come to your knees to avoid getting blood and skin on the bar. Sumo or traditional stance allowed. Must stand upright with knees locked, hips and shoulders (back) in line for the rep to count.

Power Clean- Barbell must start from the ground with feet positioned underneath barbell (barbell crossing over your toes) The barbell must travel unimpeded from ground to shoulder with the barbell coming to rest on your anterior deltoids and clavicle bones. Must be standing upright with knees locked out, shoulders and hips in line for the rep to count.

How it works- Athletes will tell the judge their "first attempt weight" for each lift at the time of weigh in. This will help keep the event organized and running with as little delays as possible. The athletes will be grouped into "flights/heats" usually 6 per flight. The flights go through their lifts, go to the scoring table to register that lift, and the amount of their next attempt. Each athlete will be given only 3 attempts per lift to reach their one rep max. Highest weight counts.

Winners- Each individual lift will have a winner for each weight class and gender. The total of all lifts will be combined to give them their overall score. The female and male athlete with the highest total will be named "St Clair's Strongest Woman" and "St Clair's Strongest Man"