Member Spotlight: Steve Kaufman



We're back to celebrate another one of our amazing athletes. Steve is one of those guys who is sneaky good at CrossFit. He's either in at 6am for a WOD and flying out the door right after dressed to the nines, or he's in our last class of the evening topping off his work day with one more hour of dedication. Steve finished 198th in the world this year competing in the CrossFit open masters division ages 55-59. During the Regional online qualifier he finished 162nd out of the top 200 athletes! (Yes that is 162nd in the world) A truly astonishing accomplishment but you will never here him brag or even talk about it for that matter. Steve is a hardworking humble guy and that is just a couple of reasons why he is so special. We are very happy he took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions so we could get to know him better.


1.  Hey there!  Where are you from?

 Raised in Dormont - went to Keystone Oaks High School.  Class of ’77!  Yikes!  Jenna’s Dad was actually a classmate of mine and Karen’s husband was two years behind me.  


2.  What do you do for a living?

 I’ve been a federal prosecutor since 1988.   Right now I’m the Chief of the Criminal Division so I supervise 35 Assistant U.S. Attorneys.  I also try to keep a few of my own cases.  My biggest case was the prosecution of 12 members and associates of the Pittsburgh La Cosa Nostra family in the early 90’s.   At this moment a lot of our efforts are going to prosecute drug dealers who are distributing various types of fentanyl, along with heroin.   But prosecution alone doesn’t work, we need more drug treatment and drug abuse prevention too.  


3.  How long have you been doing CrossFit?  

Five years.   The moment I walked into Integrated Fitness in March 2012, heard heavy metal blaring as everyone was doing 12.1 (7 minutes of burpees) I literally thought to myself, “This is what I've been looking for my whole life."



4.  Tell us about your athletic history…

I played tennis for Keystone Oaks and Allegheny College.   I still compete in 45 and over and 55 and over tournaments.  I started CrossFit to help my tennis game, and now I’m more addicted to CrossFit than tennis!


5.  What brought you to CrossFit St. Clair?

 I followed my community.  People are always the most important thing.  



6.  What’s your favorite way to sweat?

 Long MetCons!  I also love a long tennis match where my opponent and I are running all over the court.  Believe it or not, I still play with a guys that I competed against in high school.  


7.  Favorite food?

Eating clean is way harder for me than exercising.  I love brownies, cookies and all that other bad stuff.   But at least I’ve learned to eat a few vegetables over the years.  


8.  Favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction.   I’m a huge Tarantino fan.  And the first scene in Reservoir Dogs, where the the guys are sitting at the table in a diner, is a true classic.  


9.  Favorite book?

If I only had more time to read!   But I love a wide variety of books, from novels by Hardy and Dickens to non-fiction like Warrior by Theresa Larson or anything by Dan John.  


10.  Favorite music to work out to?

Hard rock/metal.  But I do like some alternative too.


11.  When you aren’t working or working out, where can we find you?

Sleeping.   And I’m only half kidding.



12.  How has CrossFit changed you?  

I went from liking to work out to loving to work out.  


13.  What do you love most about CrossFit St. Clair?  

The fact that such a broad range of people all bond through CrossFit.   Something about working hard right next to other people working hard brings everyone together.   The community here is truly special, and that’s due not just to the members but also in large part to the owners and coaches.   



14.  Any mantra, favorite quote, or words to live by?

I’ve learned that if you focus on the process, that is, doing a good job at every step, whether it’s an athletic competition, a trial, or whatever, good results will come.