Our Sports Performance  training for athletes focuses on first step quickness, proper body mechanics and functional movement strength training. We meet with the athletes, discuss their goals,  and assess them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. We then can develop a very sport specific training program for each particular athlete. The training focuses on first step quickness and the ability to change direction without losing speed or balance. As long as they are with us they will be evaluated on basic athletic movements and tests so we can continually monitor their progress, and adjust the training throughout. Most importantly, we will work with that particular young man or young lady to help them develop self confidence and build a great work ethic that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Training includes:

  • Explosive speed and agility training for athletes
  • Center of gravity and base of support manipulation
  • Comprehensive weight training programs
  • Athletic evaluation and assessment monitoring
  • Active dynamic warmups
  • Flexibility training
  • Injury prevention
  • Diet and nutrition plans
  • Improvements in self esteem and self confidence

Membership Pricing: 

This membership is for the classes  

 Classes are one hour and they focus on 1 of 4 specific types of training:

$170.00 (one month no contract)

$160.00 per month (with a 6 month contract)

$100.00 per month (with a 12 month contract $50 every additional child)

15% DISCOUNT on price with more than one athlete

4 different class formats:


Acceleration Mechanics
Upright Running Mechanics
Agility/Lateral Movement
Strength and Conditioning



Pricing: Personal Training

One hour sessions
$65.00-    1  session
$450.00 -   8sessions (1 month)
$600.00- 12 Sessions (1 month)


Team Training Camps and Clinics

Group of 10 athletes -  $15 an athlete per hour

Group of 20 athletes or more -  $10 an athlete per hour

Camps are a minimum of 8 sessions

Training sessions are 1 hour in length