At CrossFit St. Clair, we promise you'll get a great work out.  We also promise to support you and help you on your journey to become the best version of yourself.  Our community thrives on encouraging and celebrating one another's victories, and supporting each other whether your kid decides to make you miss a work out or you discover you're out of almond butter.  But hey, we're not talkers, so here are what folks are saying about us... Read on!

CFSC has taken me to a fitness level that I never thought I could improve upon in my 50s.   Although  I’ve always been involved with some type of workout program  most of my life, CFSC has taken me to a whole new level.   I’ve never felt stronger, more confident and fit than I do right now.  I’ve never been more passionate about working out and it’s due to the great coaching staff, the strong friendships that have been built and the comradery that keeps me motivated and coming back for more.  I simply love it.

- Karen Tohey 

When I first came to Crossfit St. Clair, I had gotten bored and plateaued in my normal workout routine. Working out five days a week was becoming less fun, and I was really just staying at the same fitness level. So I stepped into the Crossfit room, and gave it a try. After one class, I bought a ten-class punchcard. After using three of those punches, I was hooked, and I signed up for the unlimited membership. 

What drew me in to the Crossfit scene were the fast paced and challenging workouts that changed daily, and the hopes of tackling physical feats that I never thought I’d be able to do.  But what keeps me at Crossfit St. Clair is even better. 


The coaching staff is phenomenal - each and every coach takes the time to get to know you and learn your strengths, weaknesses, and what drives you.  Not only do the coaches push you to work your hardest and make sure that you’re always doing your movements safely, but the coaches at CFSC take the time to work with you to continually improve and to meet all of your goals. Just in the past few months, thanks to some extra coaching, I’ve been able to reach several of my gymnastics movements goals, such as kipping pull-ups and toes-to-bar, and handstand push-ups – and gymnastics movements have been a huge challenge for me, coming from a background of free weights and treadmills!  

The excellent programming is another great thing about CFSC. The WODs are always exciting, challenging, and changing. Following the programming, I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and have increased my overall physical fitness. I’m constantly improving, and there is always more room to keep pushing. 

Last but certainly not least, the community at CFSC is wonderful, and always makes me happy to show up for a workout. The people are friendly, genuine, and encourage you to reach your goals. It’s so great to have the CFSC community as part of my life – both at the gym and outside!

- Jenna Caputo

My name is Megan and I started CrossFit in April 2014. Prior to starting CrossFit, I trained and ran a marathon or two every year. While I still enjoy running, little did I know that CrossFit would ignite something in me I didn't know I had. I now have a passion for lifting heavy weights, and pushing myself to work hard so that I can get stronger. I had never attempted olympic weight lifting before, jumping on and off a box that's 1/3 of my height, let alone doing pull-ups or deadlifting 300+ pounds. While I've definitely gotten stronger in the gym, the workouts have helped me outside the gym as well. I have so much more energy and being able to carry furniture/other heavy objects that other women might consider a job for a strong man is a quite empowering benefit! Something that I've learned from CrossFit is if you think you've done all you can, lifted as much as you could, ran as fast as you could, you can always do more. In addition to getting a great workout, CrossFit St. Clair has provided an amazing community of other people who share the same interests. Everyone is so supportive of each other and pushes each other to work hard. Every member is at a different ability and one of the best parts of CrossFit St. Clair is no matter where you're at in your fitness journey, or if you're just starting, any of these workouts can be modified to fit you. I love what CrossFit St. Clair is doing in people's lives, including my own!  

- Megan Stoff

Crossfit St. Clair is the bee's knees of Crossfit boxes in the Pittsburgh area.  It has changed my life.  

On the left of the attached image, I was close to 250 lbs and was absolutely miserable. I couldn't stop eating junk food and had no idea where to begin. I had just had enough and desperately needed a change.  So I asked a close friend about Crossfit and how to eat healthy. She helped me and really encouraged me to give Crossfit a try. I found Crossfit St. Clair and I began to change the way I ate and thought more positively about myself.  Crossfit has been the one workout program where I have seen the most dramatic results. The picture on the right is my most recent and is a true testimony to Crossfit St. Clair's coaching and community. I love my gym and the people that work out there. It is a one of a kind environment and the support and encouragement I've received has been second to none.  It hasn't been an easy road, but I keep showing up to workout.  You can't expect results without putting in the work. It also helps to be apart of such an amazing community!  

 Thank you Crossfit St. Clair for everything. I wouldn't be where I am today without you guys! 

- Jeremy Clements